Monthly Archives: March 2018

Breach Level Index: A New Way of Thinking

With all of the recent high-profile breaches in the last year such as Equifax, Dow Jones, and River Cities Media, it seems the media hones in mainly on the scope of the incident, i.e. how many people were impacted.  While the amount of people impacted by a breach is important information, it is critical to […]

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Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Scanning – Guest Blog by Michael Giuffrida

With businesses today having to abide by one or more compliance standards such as NIST, PCI or HiPPA, the question about penetration testing and vulnerability scanning often arises.  Many compliance standards require that you perform these tests at least annually, but very little additional information is provided about what that means. To begin, there is […]

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Using company culture play a role in defending and recovering from cyber attacks

Defense in depth using multiple layers of security technology is critical in protecting your organization from cyber attacks.  That’s a given.  However many CEOs and business owners still have trouble understanding how company culture can play just as big a role in your cyber survival.  The common belief in most organizations is that they will […]

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