When is the Last Time you had a Network Security Study?

We often hear from small business owners that they had either never heard of a network security study or they haven’t had one recently. If you can relate, you should keep on reading.

A network security study is a helpful guide that will give you valuable insight into your environment and remediation plans for potential risks. With the guidance of our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), you will be able to evaluate your defensive posture and overall operational security.

How does it work?

Based on the information provided by you to our vCISO, different categories are evaluated. This provides a good starting point and helps to identify what areas you feel are in need of the most attention. Your internal network is also tested to uncover weaknesses and potential areas vulnerable to compromise.

Understanding which areas need attention is the first step towards becoming more secure. The study will provide insight and help identify those areas and create a plan towards a more enhanced level of security.

What does it include?

The study assesses three areas; policies/people/processes, vulnerability scan results, and traffic on your network. The questionnaire conducted by our vCISO will review your current policies and processes and evaluate the success within each category. These areas are generally written policies, data security, physical security, breach detection, etc.

A vulnerability scan will determine what areas represent the most risk for a potential breach. Vulnerabilities with known exploits and malware kits should be addressed immediately. It will also allow you to identify applications that put the most strain on your network and overall web traffic sessions by user.

A security study will provide you valuable insight including a remediation plan to set forth. It’s a terrific starting point to an established cyber security posture. Following the recommendations will, in turn, lessen the chance of a breach and keep your network safe and secure. You can request a security study by clicking here.


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