Monthly Archives: February 2019

Third Party Due Diligence Could Prevent Your Next Cyber Breach

Cyber risk is often unaddressed in the due diligence process of vetting or monitoring a third party. Therefore, transfer of cyber risk is an afterthought and a common blind spot. With the ease and accessibility of outsourcing core competencies, this risk continues to be a big issue. It’s not enough to strengthen your own cybersecurity […]

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Create a Proactive Cybersecurity Strategy with MDR

If your idea of cybersecurity is a firewall and anti-virus then your organization is at extreme risk. Data breaches are no longer isolated cases in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Anything from misconfiguration, patch lags, and unsecure software or system components can lead to unsecure breach points. Bridging security gaps, responding to threats, and remediating data […]

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dark web

Why wouldn’t you want to protect your brand?

The risk of having your personal information stolen is ever present, regardless of how carefully you guard your information. Without proper security measures, your intellectual property, reputation and brand are at risk. This risk includes the dark web; the part of the internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines and is only accessible through […]

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Industry Spotlight: The Top 5 Reasons Healthcare Struggles with Cybersecurity

The News The news is notoriously famous for covering large enterprise stories but very rarely talks about the small practices. This leads many to believe that small organizations are ignored by hackers and very rarely susceptible to malware attacks. It is commonly believed that only large organizations are the target of cyber attackers due to […]

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