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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Series: Endpoint Protection

Traditionally, endpoint protection was a priority for security against user error. The biggest concern companies had were having accidental data deleted, lost or stolen corporate devices, and other common employee mistakes. In this day and age, common user errors have become much more catastrophic with the rise of cyber attacks such as ransomware, malware, phishing, […]

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What can I do to protect myself from being crypto-jacked?

Crypto-jacking is one of the latest fads in cyber crime.  As opposed to a cyber-criminal locking up your files and waiting for you to meet their ransom demands, they are simply stealing the CPU cycles of your computer to mine for crypto-currency around the world. Why would they do this? They do this because where […]

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Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, created by the Department of Homeland Security, to increase knowledge about cyber terrorism and every day cyber threats. This is week 3 and the topic is “Today’s predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet.” so here are some of our thoughts on that topic. Things we would only see in movies […]

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