Cyber security related attacks are not only increasing in frequency but have become more disruptive and damaging. While business can take some preventative action to lower the number of incidents, not every attack can be prevented. Therefore, an incident response plan is critical for rapidly detecting the threat, minimizing the loss, and restoring crucial IT services.

First, What is Incident Response in Cyber Security?

Incident response is a set of information security policies and procedures used to prepare, detect, contain and recover data from any breach. The primary goal is to help any organization stop an attack, mitigate damage, prevent future attacks and speed recovery from an attack.

Why is Incident Response Important?

Your organization’s reputation, business revenue, and customer trust are at stake, so its essential to identify and immediately take action against security incidents. This is where the incident response plan comes in; whether it’s a small data breach or a large ransomware attack, a cyber security incident response plan helps lower the cyber attack risk.

Here is an Incident Response Preparedness Checklist we have created for you. Continue reading to find out how you can protect your organization.