COVID-19 Letter From Our President


As a business owner, father and husband I understand how working from home may be a struggle for those trying to juggle time between getting work done and attending to family.  Staying healthy and finding a work/life balance is critical during this unprecedented time. 

As an MSSP, we are seeing a great number of COVID-19 work from home related requests coming in. I would like to share the same advice with you as we are sharing with our clients to help protect your data in and out of the office.

There are most likely dozens of things going on in your head while adapting to this change of lifestyle. But even with these distractions, it is more important than ever to maintain cybersecurity best practices in your home environment.

When working from home, always be sure to:
1. Secure your home equipment – Patching and up to date antivirus software are critical!
2. Always utilize a VPN – This will help secure your work related network traffic by encrypting the data as it passes through the Internet.
3. Secure your home router – Default user names and passwords as they arrived from your ISP can often be easily cracked.  Be sure to make sure those are secure.
4. Back up your data – Anything can happen and you don’t want to lose the valuable work you do while remote, so be sure to back it up.
5. Beware of COVID-19 related phishing attempts – While this is deplorable, it’s a reality.  Cyber criminals thrive in times of crisis.  Don’t be fooled into clicking something malicious or entering your credentials anywhere that you shouldn’t.

Protecting your data and your company’s data is important to ensure that your organization doesn’t encounter a cyber breach in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos. Please check out our COVID-19 IT resources to help provide some peace of mind.

Please stay safe and well.

Thank you,

Michael Giuffrida
President of Kyber Security