You need to think like hacker to be able to stop a hacker.

From October 26-30, you’ll compete in a week long cyber awareness training challenge where you will learn to think like a hacker. You do not need to be a cybersecurity expert to join!

During Crack The Hack, you’ll take part in the investigation of a compromise where you’ll be given clues to solve along the way. Your objective is to stop the compromise from spreading before it’s too late.

Additionally, every day at 11 AM, you’ll hear from cybersecurity experts. After each training session, you’ll be given a challenge to solve and points to win. The hacker with the most points at the end of the week will win the grand prize!

Get in on the fun from the comfort of your home office (or couch…we won’t judge) – register today.

Please Note: You must be an employee of an organization to participate.

Each training session will provide different lessons, clues, and prizes.

October 26 @ 11am EST – Session 1: Event Kick Off – Introducing Crack the Hack. We will address FAQs, break down the event day by day, and hold an open Q&A session. We highly recommend you join us for this kick off event. (Earn 50 points for attending)

October 27 @ 10am EST – Session 2: Identify – What You Don’t Know About the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Kyber’s vCISO, Bob Thomas will introduce the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and break down a real life example of critical risk factors threatening an SMB network. (Earn 50 points for attending) *Please note this is the only session at 10am!

October 28 @ 11am EST – Session 3: Protect and Detect – Email Hijacking Takeover and Prevention. Imagine your e-mail box being taken over by an unknown cyber criminal. What would you do? Perch Security’s Head of Threat Research will show a real life takeover live hack. (Earn 50 points for attending)

October 29 @ 11am EST – Session 4: Respond and Recover – True Life: I’ve Been Breached. An open panel discussion between a breach victim, a hacker, and CISO. Learn what actually happens when a breach occurs and how these three very different perspectives share the same story. (Earn 50 points for attending)

October 30 @ 11am EST- Session 5: Event Wrap Up – The Winner of Crack the Hack is… We will wrap up the event, announce the winner and walk through the Hack.

Registration is open until October 26, 2020

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