You need to think like hacker to be able to stop a hacker.

You can bring Crack the Hack to your organization!  This cyber awareness training challenge will train your employees to think like a hacker. A combination of interactive training sessions and virtual challenges will allow you to put your employees to the ultimate test.

During Crack The Hack, you’ll choose your hacker name and take part in the investigation of a compromise where you’ll be given clues to solve along the way. Your objective is to stop the compromise from spreading before it’s too late.

Additionally, there will be interactive training sessions from cybersecurity experts. After each training session, you’ll be given a challenge to solve and points to win. The hacker with the most points at the end of CTH will win the grand prize!

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Excellent! Well run, organized, learning in a fun way, expert panelist. Really appreciate all of the learning and recommendations. Just a great use of my time.

I’ve attend other cybersecurity awareness training webinars in the past which I found not nearly as informative as this program.

The challenges were presented in a way that kept me engaged. I will definitely remember this training.

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