Employee Cyber Awareness Training & Dark Web Monitoring

Technology and Cybersecurity is Evolving Daily

Kyber Security offers a leading employee training and dark web monitoring platform that helps organizations proactively manage their cyber risk. Cyber security training and dark web monitoring offers organizations the ability to proactively monitor, identify, and analyze the dark web for compromised or stolen employee and customer data utilizing industry proven human and cyber security intelligence. 

A complimentary scan will allow you to discover information that has been leaked on the dark web including an organization’s employee emails and passwords. Once your compromised information is listed, they are offered in the dark web to the highest bidder. By receiving the alert as soon as the data is listed, you can take the necessary steps to prevent a costly data breach. 

Why Should You Offer Cyber Security Training to Employees? 

If employees don’t understand how to recognize a cyber security threat, they will be more likely to fall victim to common threats.  By making employees aware of cyber security threats, you are strengthening your weakest link.  Network security should always be delivered in a layered approach. Cyber security training for employees is a key component to any successful cyber security program. 

  • Protect your organization from human error
  • Engage employees and help them to understand and use better cybersecurity practices. 


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