Do you or your employees travel for business? You may enforce strict IT security policies in the office but are they effective outside of the office?  I know when I travel, my brain turns to mush. I am usually more concerned about where I am going rather than what Wi-Fi network my phone is connected to. Hackers often target travelers for this reason. In fact, since January 2018, 566 million records from the travel and transportation industry have been leaked or compromised in publicly reported breaches. With all the buzz around, it’s important to ensure that your business data remains protected when traveling.

Here are 4 easy and effective IT security tips to encourage your employees to follow when traveling.
  1. Cyber criminals can modify USB connections to install malware on your phone or download data without your knowledge. It’s much safer to bring your personal charger along and plug it into a wall outlet or bring your own portable charger.
  1. Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi without VPN. If you must use them, avoid accessing personal or business accounts with sensitive data while connected to that network.
  1. Bluetooth signals can come from anywhere. If your Bluetooth is left on, nearby cyber criminals can connect to your phone and potentially hack into your device. Keep Bluetooth disabled as much as possible while traveling abroad.
  1. Never leave your devices unsupervised. In a study by Infosec Magazine, 28 percent of respondents admitted they have left devices unsupervised in public spaces. Always make sure your mobile, tablet, and laptops are within your possession and locked when not in use.

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