Complimentary Dark Web Scan

The Dark Web is internet content that is not indexed by standard search engines and requires special software to access.

The Dark Web allows users and website operators to remain anonymous which allows hackers to monetize their skill sets and operate essentially as information hit men.  Anyone who might want to get their hands on private information such as customers’ or employees’ social security, banking, or personal information can post a job on the Dark Web and outsource the technical challenges to skilled hackers who take advantage of holes or exploits in security to obtain this information.

As a small business, you might be surprised to learn how valuable your stored information can be.  A search of the dark web can determine if your information is already for sale.

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Note: We can only perform dark web scans on unique business domains (ex. The scan is automatically created based on the email address you input. So if you use a personal email address such as yahoo, gmail, etc., we will not be able to run the dark web scan.