As our Controller/HR expert, Cindy has been working with us for the past 19 years. She oversees day to day operations, finances, HR, and procurement. Her favorite thing about working with Kyber Security is having a devoted team around her. Whether you’re an employee, customer, or vendor, you can trust that you’re in good hands with Cindy. Cindy dedicates herself to the team everyday here at Kyber and strives to promote noble culture both internally and externally. Her years at Kyber have taught her that “employment is more valuable when you’re working towards the reciprocation of love rather than monetary gain.”

Accomplishments & Thoughts on Company Culture

Some of her biggest accomplishments for the team are the implementation of ConnectWise and the Entrepreneurial Operating System for the leadership team. She worked hands-on to integrate vendor software along with developing processes and procedures for both the organization and customers. Speaking on the company culture here at Kyber, Cindy enjoys its employee empowerment, the drive to deliver business results, and the team energy that reinforces all their beliefs. She thinks the organization’s dedication to motivate and inspire employees is the most unique part about being here.

She’s honed her leadership and collaboration skills during her time with Kyber Security. Her biggest inspiration on the team is Bob, who’s been her “go-to” for the past 30 years. Working closely for so long, she considers Bob to be, “her brother from another mother”. She knows Bob has her back whenever she needs professional advice, whether that be for a product, tool, or finance.

Fun Facts about Cindy

If Cindy weren’t working at Kyber Security, she would want to own a farm so she could practice her love of gardening professionally. She enjoys being outdoors in her free time and enjoys a variety of hobbies including hiking, swimming, and skiing. Many folks don’t know that Cindy has dated her husband since she was a teenager and they built their house from the foundation up at only 22 years old together. If she could have any super power, she would have the power to manipulate time.