Frank Taylor started at Kyber Security in March of 2022 as a Senior Security Engineer. He’s responsible for overseeing the design, install, and support of the networks, applications, and users for our managed clients. Frank considers his biggest lesson in his career so far to be learning the skill to meet challenges proactively, something he practices often at Kyber. He considers some of his biggest accomplishments for the team to be the successful onsite visits he conducts with clients. He enjoys getting great feedback from clients and is proud of the certifications he’s received so far while at Kyber. He’s received certifications in Datto, Jumpcloud, and ConnectWise during his first month working with Kyber.

Company Culture

Frank considers the company culture here at Kyber to be very open, saying, “you can talk to anybody about anything you need”. The most unique part about working at Kyber is that everyone is always ready to help. He has grown professionally while at Kyber by developing his education in the field and becoming certified in areas he only had a working knowledge of before. Frank considers Myriam Martinez to be his biggest inspiration at the company, looking up to her skills in time management, foresight, perspective, customer service, and integrity.

Fun Facts About Frank

If Frank were not working in Cybersecurity, he would want to explore a career as a pilot. Outside of work, he loves to play guitar, spend time with his family, and cook up delicious meals. If he could have any superpower, Frank would want the power to teleport. A fun fact people may not know about Frank is that he’s spent half of his life in Scotland and the other half in the United States.