Nick Totilo joined Kyber Security in mid-February 2024 as one of our Sr. Security Engineers, specializing in Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions. In his short time here, Nick has already made a significant impact by moving some of our platforms to leverage Microsoft’s Entra ID for Single Sign-On, enhancing security and reducing MFA fatigue for our users.

Why Kyber Security?

Nick’s favorite thing about working at Kyber is the people. From day one, he felt welcomed and supported by his colleagues. The collaborative and friendly culture at Kyber has been a key factor in his positive experience here. He describes the company culture as relaxed yet focused strongly on client support.

Career Insights and Inspirations

The best career lesson Nick has learned is to slow down and approach problems systematically rather than diving in without a plan. He finds inspiration in the long tenures of several Kyber staff members, which he finds truly motivating.

Unique Aspects of Kyber

One of the most unique aspects of working at Kyber for Nick is the ability to bring dogs to the office, a perk he had never experienced before. This adds to the relaxed and enjoyable work environment that Kyber fosters.

Professional Growth

Although Nick has only been with Kyber for a few months, he has already experienced professional growth. Transitioning from an entirely cloud-based infrastructure at his previous job to managing both on-premises and cloud-based environments at Kyber has been a significant learning curve. This “regrowth” has allowed him to reacquaint himself with on-premises infrastructure work, which he had done earlier in his career.

Outside of Work

When he’s not working, Nick enjoys BBQ, camping, and traveling—activities that help him disconnect from screens and enjoy the great outdoors. A fun fact about Nick is that he is one of five boys in his family, with no sisters. If he could have any superpower, it would be the ability to eat whatever he wants without gaining weight.

Dream Career

If Nick weren’t working in cybersecurity, he would consider a career in BBQ. However, he admits that turning a hobby into a full-time job might make it less enjoyable.

Nick’s contributions and positive attitude make him a valued member of the Kyber Security team. We are excited to see his continued growth and accomplishments in the future!