As a Security Solutions Executive, Sedney has been with Kyber Security for 5 ½ months. He thrives in his role, attributing his enjoyment to the company’s excellent kitchen and the camaraderie among his colleagues. Sedney values the supportive environment and appreciates how his team has helped him overcome bad habits, reinforcing his belief that change is good.

Accomplishments & Thoughts on Company Culture

Though Sedney is still working towards his biggest accomplishments, he is inspired by colleagues like Brody, Milly, and Lacy (the 4 legged members of the Kyber family), who motivate him to strive for excellence. Sedney finds the genuine nature of his colleagues and their constant check-ins invaluable, which made him feel like an integral part of the team from day one.

One of the unique aspects of working at Kyber Security, according to Sedney, is the high level of collaboration. Sitting in the open area with his teammates, he often hears colleagues brainstorming and sharing ideas openly, whether it’s Frank from his desk or Mike from his office. This environment of teamwork and mutual support is something Sedney deeply appreciates.

Sedney is committed to professional growth, recognizing that Kyber has invested significantly in his development. He is determined to ensure a positive return on investment for the company, which he believes will benefit both parties greatly.

Fun Facts about Sedney

If Sedney weren’t working in Sales, he dreams of owning a deli, where he could make sandwiches and serve coffee. Outside of work, Sedney enjoys spending time with his daughters and tackling the numerous projects at his home. He humorously mentions his hobby of “picking things up and putting them down,” showcasing his lighthearted nature.

A fun fact many might not know about Sedney is that his family calls him Sidney. He goes by Sedney because he never corrected his teachers as a child, leading to his dual identity. If Sedney could have any superpower, it would be the ability to fly, allowing him to go anywhere at any time.