For the past four years, Ashley has been dedicated to providing top notch service as our Service Desk Coordinator and Dispatch Manager as well as our Account Manager for Marriott (Connect). When Ashley first started at Kyber Security, she had minimal training in IT but immediately felt welcomed with open arms by every employee. She quickly learned the pace of the “game” as mentors on the team lead her through the new playing field, soon to watch Ashley prosper on her own. Her years at Kyber have taught her that patience is key when making decisions, considering the emphasis of creating timely and appropriate responses to team emails has allowed her to practice this important skill.

Accomplishments & Thoughts on Company Culture

Since starting at Kyber Security, Ashley considers her biggest accomplish to be keeping the consistency of SLA’s above 75% since starting at the Service Desk, almost always staying in the 90th percentile. She attributes a part of her success to the family atmosphere of Kyber Security and her mentors in the field, quoting the culture as something like she’s “never experienced”. The rich family culture has allowed Ashley to flourish in her natural entrepreneurial skillset, raising the standards of the Service Desk for years to come. Some of Ashley’s biggest inspirations for leading success include team members Lynn, Myriam, Laurie, Cindy, and Susan, who everyday exemplify strength and courage.

Fun Facts about Ashley

When Ashley is not collaborating with team members or managing the Service Desk, she enjoys spending time on the field coaching 18u travel softball, considering softball has been a passion of hers since before she could even talk. During the off season, Ashley loves to get creative with pottery and painting, as well as hanging out with her two cats, Juice and Monday. If she weren’t already working at Kyber Security, Ashley’s dream is to be a plastic surgeon or a pilot. If she could have any superpower, she would have the ability to read minds, saying, not only would it be cool, but it would also give her a competitive advantage in the workplace.