Francie Keeler has been working at Kyber Security for 6 months as a trainee cybersecurity analyst, one of our newest members of the team. Since Francie’s first day at Kyber Security, she’s quickly learned how to adapt to the office environment and work with individual clients. During her short time here, Francie has taken pride in learning how to be self-sufficient in working and resolving tickets on her own.

Francie considers her best career lesson so far to be to “give whatever you do 100% effort and to take failure with a grain of salt; you can’t be afraid to fail or ask questions because that’s how you learn.”

Francie’s favorite thing about working at Kyber Security is the opportunity to come in and learn new things every day from other team members who want to see her succeed. Francie considers the culture of collaboration and shared achievement to be a game changer when it comes time to ask for help or learn new tasks, saying, “I love the culture of cooperation and mutual success, as well as the genuine friendship between everyone.”

Thoughts on Company Culture

Francie considers the most unique part about working at Kyber Security to be the way the entire team strives to see each other reach personal goals and grow. The family-like atmosphere is one of a kind; you’re constantly learning when you’re working at Kyber Security.

So far, Francie has found the process of integrating into the culture of Kyber Security to be smooth and enjoyable process; she feels inspired by everyone on the team and feels very grateful for the amount of acceptance she was immediately welcomed with.

Not even a full year into her employment, Francie already has deep respect and admiration for the entire Kyber Security team. Her biggest inspirations at the company are Myriam and Kyle, as they both took her under their wings. Francie appreciates seeing a strong woman like Myriam in a leadership role; her focus for the company’s success and “no nonsense” attitude is an inspiration to work with every day. Kyle serves as an inspiration for Francie with his pristine skills and wit; Kyle is always putting the client first.

Fun Facts About Francie

When Francie is not at busy learning new skills in the office, she enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar, playing video games, going on hikes, and spending quality time with her loved ones. A fun fact that people may not know about Francie is that she plays in a band in her free time. If Francie could have any superpower, she would want the ability to fly. If she weren’t working in cybersecurity, Francie could see herself either being an audio engineer or a wilderness education/preservation expert.