Employee Spotlight: Michael Giuffrida

Michael started working at Kyber Security in 2017 and was brought in to help transition the company from a “Standard MSP” to a Managed Security Services Company. He’s responsible for guiding the direction of the organization operationally as well as finding new companies to partner with. Beyond that, Michael works hard to help Kyber Security build a culture of responsibility and accountability while balancing the needs of the team from a work/life balance perspective.

Michael takes great pride in working with the talented people employed at Kyber Security, “I have become friends with many of the team and love knowing that they have my back as much as I have theirs. We have a strong culture of ‘family first’ at Kyber and it shows when anyone needs anything to help them personally, there is always someone willing to step up and help.”

Michael’s professional growth has paralleled Kyber’s transition as a company into a successful growth organization.

Fun Facts About Michael

When Michael isn’t working he enjoys spending time with his family (married 25 years and has a 13 year old daughter). He enjoys when he can integrate some of his other outside activities including golf, ninja warrior or running with his family.

On a weekly basis, he challenge himself (and his body) training at a ninja warrior gym (see for yourself).  Its great exercise and is also a place with a great community of people.

If Michael could have any superpower, he would choose to stay physically young forever to match his mindset. He never feels as old as his body proves to be.