Kyber Security’s team is thrilled to welcome Stephen Abramson as our new Director of Services. Stephen may be the latest addition to our ranks, but his immediate impact has made it feel as if he’s been part of our family for years.

Leading with Versatility

In his own words, Stephen juggles the roles of “professional cat herder, cheerleader, and advocate for anything Kyber.”. Our culture is the standout feature for Stephen. He finds the team’s positive attitude in the face of challenging work to be not just motivating but transformative, making every day at Kyber a good day.

Stephen biggest lesson so far: “Dive right into the pool, don’t just dip your toes.” This approach has served him well, as he’s already carved out significant achievements in his short time with us.

Impactful Insights

With nearly a decade of experience with MSPs, Stephen brings a unique lens to view and refine Kyber’s processes and protocols. His insights are helping to steer us towards even greater efficiencies and success.

Stephen’s experience with our company culture has been nothing short of excellent. He values the camaraderie and the collective drive to overcome the inherent stresses of IT work.

A Unique Workplace

The office place quirk that stands out to Stephen? The dogs! He finds that having furry friends in the office brings a unique and joyful dimension to our workplace, proving that a little bit of “home” can make all the difference in the office.

Despite jesting about his tenure being as short as a coffee break, Stephen acknowledges significant professional growth in his time here, testament to Kyber’s nurturing environment.

Beyond the Office

If not steering the ship at Kyber, Stephen imagines a career as a professional karaoke singer. Outside of work, his interests include anime, professional wrestling, card games, and quality time with loved ones.

The Man Behind the Role

Stephen’s fun fact? He once made a technical appearance on “Saturday Night Live”! And if he could choose a superpower, it would be to turn back time.