Technology should enhance the educational experience, not overwhelm it. There is no room for a slow network or cyber security threats when you are responsible for educating students. Private schools need flexible IT services that fit their needs as technology continues to evolve. We know there’s no “one size fit all” solution for private schools, which is why we implement security features and services that meets your specific needs, even as they grow.

IT Challenges Often Faced by Private Schools

Security of student and teacher data

Software integration and management

Product, hardware, and licensing budgeting

Viruses & Spam

Raise the standards of IT and empower your students; after all, your IT setup is directly correlated with your reputation. Parents expect for you to stay ahead of technological trends and keep their children safe both physically and digitally. We can help your school to stay up to date with evolving tech liabilities and maintain high quality cyber security protocols with a custom IT plan that grows with your demands.


IT Solutions to Streamline your Private School’s Workflow


      • Endpoint Protection
      • Cloud Storage Protection
      • Internal & External Scanning
      • Threat Detection and Monitoring

Engineering Services

      • Network Infrastructure
      • Data Storage & Recovery
      • Device Management
      • Content Filtering
      • VoIP Phone Solutions

Questions about Managed IT Services for Schools? Our experts can help.

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