Nonprofits often tend to be targeted by cyber criminals due to a lack of resources to implement cybersecurity measures. They are just as susceptible to a data breach as for-profit organizations, if not more. However, they tend to resist the same level of changes that for-profit organizations are making to implement a sophisticated cybersecurity program.

Often times, there is a belief that nonprofits are not a cyber target. This is a dangerous assumption to make. The reality is, nonprofit organizations collect incredibly sensitive information about their members and donors, which can include social security numbers, credit card information, and even medical information. Without proper measures in place, one single breach could end an entire organization and its mission.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Annual review of threat risks

Monitor and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment

Advanced threat detection and hunting

Employee cyber awareness education

Incident response preparation

Regular network maintenance

Kyber Value

Virtual CISO providing guidance throughout the process

Comprehensive annual “bird’s eye view” security assessment

Managed threat detection and incident response

Regular cyber awareness training for your employees

Peace of mind

Nonprofits & NIST CSF

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is designed to be flexible, scalable and technology-neutral, which allows it to easily adaptable for nonprofit organizations.