IT Budgeting Guide

The Secret to Creating your IT Budget

Why does IT budgeting matter?

Without a budget, you may be forced to request and justify every IT expenditure as it arises, which makes for significant unnecessary overhead. Smaller organizations may find themselves willingly migrating into a periodic budgeting process, as IT expenditures that were once simply spent as incurred, or justified with a 30-second hallway conversation, blossom into significant IT spending that can be consolidated and made more transparent through a budgeting process.

Without a budget, something like a cyber-attack or breach may take you for surprise... A costly and stressful surprise. Like a project plan, the IT budget provides direction and a holistic view of your needs and resources. It lets you quickly determine whether resources are overcommitted in one area or another, and in the case of department-level IT budgets, lets you compare what you're spending versus similar departments. Our IT budgeting guide will allow you to plan out your IT infrastructure plans as well as your cybersecurity program.