Your cyber threat risk profile, regulatory requirements, and financial and time constraints are unique.

Our Cyber Risk Gap Analysis will help you make the best informed decision on the security improvements or changes needed for your organization’s unique needs.

Our Cyber Risk Gap Analysis will give you a clear picture of your current security position as it aligns with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the position you desire to be in. We will establish your risk score and a comprehensive remediation strategy by identifying what needs to be protected, implementing safeguards, and detecting, responding to, and recovering from events and incidents.

We are constantly asked, “How secure are we?” and “What is our current risk exposure?” This analysis will provide you with the knowledge needed to answer these two questions. If you have concerns with phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, data compliance, or other IT security measures, we can face those concerns together.


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After completing the analysis, we can assist you with filling in the gaps. We can align your cybersecurity program with the NIST CSF utilizing a defense in depth strategy. Download our Service Matrix to see which Kyber Secure services fit your needs.


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