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How Connecticut’s New Cybersecurity Law Impacts Your Business

December 2021

The headlines are full of stories about website hacks that result in stolen data. Being a big company hardly seems to be a defense against these attacks. But small businesses are actually the bigger targets because their systems are often less sophisticated, less secure and subject to easier invasion. To protect their residents, many states including Connecticut have enacted new laws dealing with breaches of private information. While you may not think of your business as a collector of private information, you may be surprised what’s covered. As a business owner, you are now subject to new responsibilities in the event of a breach and more severe penalties when bad things happen if you have not prepared properly to protect your client data. Learn from cyber security experts what it takes to put the right safeguards in place to be shielded from both hackers and legal penalties.

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The Circle of Trust:  Protecting Your Organization With the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

November 2021

No matter the size of your company or organization, cybersecurity is a crucial element for continued success. We’ve designed this webinar to share the “how to’s” of cybersecurity as recommended by NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

You, your team, your company or community group will learn the steps for understanding cybersecurity risks and the steps to mitigate them. Your particular industry may have additional and related cybersecurity, regulatory and privacy recommendations, so as a best practice, the information that follows is intended to be customizable, flexible and non-regulatory.

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TANGO: Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges in a Hybrid Work Environment

October 2021

Over the last year, non-profit organizations have had to adapt to unprecedented change. One result of this change is the emergence of the hybrid work model. This flexible model comes with its own share of cybersecurity challenges, which stem from the blurry network perimeter created by employees using a mix of work and personal devices from their homes, offices, and other locations. As a result, many organizations are beginning to consider migrating resources to the cloud in an effort to better facilitate access for their dispersed workforce. Fortunately, there’s many steps non-profits can take to better prepare and protect themselves from the next-generation of post-COVID cyberthreats.

Join Kyber Security for discussion on cyber security strategy, focusing on both humans and technology. We’ll break down the key issues to focus on when updating cybersecurity policies and strengthening data protection measures, including:

  • Incorporating new technology to support remote and office-based employees
  • Additional access points and potential risks for unauthorized access
  • Migrating resources to the cloud and associated security concerns
  • Network security in the office and at remote locations

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