Your inbox is for sale. Which cyber threat concerns you most? Vote now!

Your inbox is for sale and hackers are cashing in at your expense.

March Madness has lead to an April Attack and we need your help! There are many threats that can lead to Business Email Compromise that could become a devastating problem for a business. Internal threats originate from actions within an organization and external threats originate from actions caused from external parties. Which threat concerns you the most?

FINAL ROUND: Malware Download vs. Dark Web Compromised Credentials

Internal Threat – Malware Download: Employee downloads corrupt file from a phishing email
External Threat – Dark Web Compromised Credentials: Hacker gets employee credentials from list on dark web

Round 6: External Threats – Stolen Computer vs. Dark Web Credentials (WINNER)
Round 5:
Internal Threats – Unattended Computer vs. Malware Download (WINNER)
Round 4:
External Threats – Dark Web Credentials (WINNER) vs. Email Spoofing
Round 3
: External Threats – Nation State Hacker vs. Stolen Laptop or Cell phone (WINNER)
Round 2
: Internal Threats – Compromised Website vs. Malware Download (WINNER)
Round 1: Internal Threats – Hardware Plugin vs. Unattended Computer (WINNER)

Winner will be revealed during our webcast on May 4th at 1:30pm EST. RSVP Today!

May the 4th be with you at 1:30pm