SecurityFirst™ Philosophy with a Secure Support Way of Life.

Damage, downtime, and reputation loss from a business interruption can be catastrophic for small organizations. Steps to prevent this used to mean that you needed a standard 24/7 support contract with an IT vendor, a firewall, antivirus and a decent backup system. Unfortunately, today it takes much more to protect your organization than it has in the past; it requires a SecurityFirstTM approach.

of the world’s SMBs will experience a severe cyber attack.

is the average cost of a SMB data breach.

of SMB data breaches are caused by employee negligence.

While we understand that you still require 24/7 support, our SecurityFirstTM philosophy ensures that your organization will always have security at the top of mind. To achieve this mindset, we utilize a defense in depth approach with a combination of traditional technologies and new technologies. As the cyber threat landscape constantly evolves, your security measures should be one step ahead.

Kyber Security has dedicated professionals experienced in protecting your organization from ever increasing cyber threats. We are a team who understands that managed security and support services are a vital piece of your company’s overall survival. You get a team that is well-versed in IT support and puts security above all else. We will work tirelessly to keep your company protected from the next big cyber attack.

The SecurityFirst™ philosophy ensures that your organization is protected while your end users are vigilantly supported.

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Did you know that 63% of data breaches are due to employee negligence?

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