Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services

Every organization today needs to have a chief information security officer (CISO) to ensure that they are complying with any regulations required by their industry and to keep their network, data and intellectual property safe.  The challenge that many small to medium sized organizations have is that finding someone with the knowledge and experience to do this is both difficult as resources are scarce and expensive based upon high demand and limited supply.  Kyber Security’s virtual CISO services is the solution to that challenge.  We will have a vCISO work with your senior team to setup the policies necessary to protect your organization.  They will help you determine best security practices based upon your industry and consult with you when those things change in your business.  The office of the vCISO will deliver real time information to your team ensuring they are aware of the latest threats helping to thwart attacks before they even happen.  Additionally, on an annual basis they will sit with you to do a thorough security review of your organization to ensure that you are staying up to speed with the latest methodologies and technologies to protect your business.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Services

The role of the VCIO is to understand the business impact of technology for YOUR business. They are responsible for learning and understanding how your company works, as well as the technologies that are important to your industry. The VCIO works with you to set technology goals, budgets, and strategies for your organization. They discuss your business strategy, growth, and expectations in order to ensure you are making the best and most efficient use of your technology.

Dark Web Monitoring

Even with the best infrastructure, the most vigilant employees, and the strongest security posture available, it is still likely one or more of your employees’ user credentials will be compromised.  This can happen when they use their work email as the user ID on a third party website (such as LinkedIn) and couple it with a password that is the same or similar in pattern to one they use to login into your corporate network.  If the third party website gets compromised, those credentials now end up for sale on the dark web. With our dark web monitoring service, we will watch to see if/when credentials from your domain name ( go on sale to the cybercriminal network called the “dark web”.  We will alert you when this happens to ensure that those compromised credentials can no longer be used to access your network.

Internal Vulnerability Scans

Your network as well as the security landscape change on a regular basis and this is why security is not a set it and forget it proposition.  Vulnerability scans performed within your network will identify potential breach points for would be attackers to get in and wreak havoc on your organization.  These scans will identify vulnerabilities such as out of date software and operating systems, bad policies with regard to password and service setups, and even whether or not your printers were setup on the network with default user credentials leaving a gaping hole in your network.  Performing this type of scan on a quarterly basis will help you stay ahead of the changes that happen in your network as well as new breach points identified in the cyber landscape.

External Penetration Test

Having a vulnerability in your network does not necessarily mean it is accessible for a breach from the outside, however it is possible.  As such, on an annual basis, we will attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities found in your quarterly scans to help ensure that you are protected from a would be attacker. If any areas of specific concern arise during the test, we will work with you to understand how to better protect your network from attack.

Active Directory Audit

Your Active Directory (AD) is the place in which user credentials and permissions are created.  Often times user IDs are created that never get used, service IDs remain for services that no longer exist, or users leave the company and their credentials are not properly shut down.  Every set of login credentials that exist to your network is a potential breach point if those credentials are compromised in any way.  We will review your AD on a quarterly basis against your current needs to ensure that these additional breach points are closed as appropriate.

Employee Awareness Training

One of the greatest risks to your network being breached is through your employees.  They run the risk of compromising a password, losing a device with critical information on it, or falling victim to a phishing attack.  As such, we will train each one of your employees within 30 days of their start date at your organization with information about how to be vigilant against cyber-attacks.  Additionally, we will perform an all employee training on an annual basis to help keep cyber security top of mind for them.  Your employees have the power to stop many cyber-attacks if you give them the proper tools to do so.

Employee Awareness Social Engineering

Statistics show that approximately 60% of all successful cyberattacks are caused by an employee making employees one of the largest potential breach points in your network.  Employees access information every day and have the potential for being tricked by cyber attackers into giving out information, passwords, or even letting them in through the front door.  Phishing emails are an example of how this happens every day, and the attacks are becoming more and more difficult to discern from legitimate information requests.  We will work with you to launch controlled attacks, called social engineering, against your employees to understand their security awareness and help them understand how to improve.  This will reduce the number of actual attacks that can be levied against your organization.  Training your employees in this way, will help turn each of them into additional security checkpoints for your organization.

Managed Server and end-point Security Patching

In a world where cyber terrorists are constantly looking for new ways to breach your network, the security of the software running on your infrastructure is only as good as the latest updates by their manufacturers.  As such, we will stay abreast of the latest security patches for your equipment and deploy those patches to your network in a seamless manner to avoid disruption to your business.  In this role we act as your behind-the-scenes security guards, watching the back door to make sure it is always locked, and keeping potential cyber threats at bay.

Managed Next Generation Firewall

Over the years, firewall technology has greatly evolved from the types of devices that were once provided by our internet service providers simply to give us internet access, to those we today call next generation firewalls (NGFW).  A NGFW provides a deeper level of security for your business, looking not only at how the traffic passes through the firewall, but at what types of traffic, the applications being used, and the behavior patterns of the traffic.  This type of device will help thwart cyber threats called zero day attacks, or those that are not yet known to the public at large.  We will manage this device in your network to ensure that it is using the latest updates and running in an efficient and secure manner for your organization.  Additionally, we will handle any changes that need to be made to the firewall as your business evolves.

Managed Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Similar to a next generation firewall, next generation endpoint protection (NGEP) takes cyber defense to the next level.  Using machine learning, NGEP watches for malicious activity, behavior, and any code that may have managed to find a way to your endpoints.  It will then shut down the malicious code in its tracks, stopping an attack before it can do any real damage to your organization.  Unlike traditional antivirus products, NGEP will stop attacks not yet known to the general public and large virus definition databases.  As almost a million new viruses are created each day, this type of technology is critical to the cyber defense platform in your organization.

Secure Support Services

Even with the latest up to date technology, your team will still inevitably have questions and issues they need resolved on a daily basis to stay productive.  As your secure support team, we will work directly with your employees on these issues, so you can continue doing what you do best; running a great organization.  While helping your team, it may be necessary to access your network remotely. As an experienced cyber security support team, we will only do this in a secure encrypted manner making sure that we do not open up your organization to additional possible threats.

Data Security

Throw out the old terminology of data backup and recovery and bring in today’s concern, data security. Your data is not only at risk from a server crash these days, but it is now the crown jewel for a cyber-terrorist who is looking to take control of it, and ask for a large ransom to return it.  By having a proper data security program in place, you can minimize the harm done to your organization in the event that your data does fall victim to ransomware, as well as be available in the event of a natural disaster.  We will deliver these solutions to you as a service so you no longer have to pay large up front capital to have the enterprise level data security you need for your organization.

Web filtering/DNS Management

One way to limit your organization’s exposure to the dangers that lurk out on the internet, is to limit and monitor what is being accessed on the internet by your employees.  By being vigilant to ensure that the material accessed is appropriate and productive, you not only reduce your chance that someone happens upon an infected website or watering hole, but you can also make sure that the performance of your business resources remain at the highest possible level.

Email Security and Encryption

Email is a critical business productivity tool in most organizations.  As such, it is used to communicate and transfer confidential information every day.  What most organizations don’t realize, is that when a confidential piece of information is emailed over the internet, it may as well have been posted on LinkedIn for everyone to read.  Unencrypted information passing over the internet travels as plain text and is easily intercepted by cyber attackers or your competition.  Our email encryption services will help protect your confidential information when it needs to be transmitted over email, to ensure that your business remains only your business.

Multi Factor Authentication

Access to your network is designed to be available specifically for only your team to use.  However, one compromised password and your network can fall victim to unauthorized access by someone who has no business being in your business.  Multi factor authentication technology requires “something you have” (such as a mobile phone) and “something you know” (such as a password) at a minimum to access your network.  A password alone is no longer enough, so even a compromised password is not as tragic as it once was.  Having each logon to you network require this technology, ensures that only those people you want logging on will be able to log on.