Cloud Migration Services 

Kyber Security's cloud migration services aid in diminishing the need for physical resources, cutting down expenses, and boosting efficiency. Our team of experts, backed by tried-and-true strategies, facilitates a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud infrastructure, crafting solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements.

Our mission is to help your business improve sustainability, increase efficiencies, accelerate speed, minimize risks and ultimately improve your overall value and return on investment (ROI).

Cloud Hosting with Azure

You might consider moving your applications to the cloud if you answer YES to any of the below questions:

— Is your server hardware more than 5 years old and out of manufacturer’s support?
— Has your workforce become dispersed with some of your team working remotely on a regular basis?
— Would you prefer to keep your cash on hand instead of investing in new server hardware?
— Do you have applications that would be easier to collaborate on if they were more easily accessible outside of your organization?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then Cloud Hosting may be for you!  Moving applications and workloads to the cloud can simplify your internal network infrastructure and make your applications more easily accessible to remote or hybrid work forces.  It can also reduce your upfront costs by ensuring that you are only paying for what you are using.  Cloud hosted services are easily scalable as your organizational needs change, so you don’t need to purchase twice what you need today to plan for expansion in the future.

You can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by as much as 40% by migrating your business to the public cloud (Accenture).

 Azure Security

Did you know that most organizations only take advantage of a fraction of the available cyber security features built into Azure?  That’s right, you are likely paying for features that could reduce your cyber risk but unless properly configured, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to threat actors’ common tactics to steal your data.

Features included with most Azure licensing are:

    • Conditional Access Geographical
    • Conditional Access for MFA
    • Prevent Users from Providing Consent for Applications to Access Company Data
    • Disable Devices from remembering MFA
    • Multi-factor authentication for your VPN connections
    • Active Directory Account Lockout after failed login attempts
    • Password Policy and Password Complexity
    • Password Expirations Frequency
    • Secure File Sharing via SharePoint and OneDrive
    • And many more!

If you are using Microsoft 365 and/or Azure hosted applications, you may be leaving yourself open to unnecessary cyber risk if these features are not properly configured and deployed.

Public Cloud Services

Start leveraging the cloud today!

With public cloud services, you stand to gain reduced expenditure, zero upkeep, and boundless scalability. Through our partnership, you will transition to the cloud environment while ensuring your infrastructure remains secure.

We’ll fine-tune your existing resources and manage the transition, followed by the administration of your services and data backup. This comprehensive approach frees you to concentrate on your core business operations, unencumbered by IT concerns.

Our public cloud services, designed for both short-term and long-term engagements, prioritize your security and privacy – elements that could deter some from opting for a public cloud solution.

We’re experienced with leading public cloud platforms

Leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, deliver top-notch IT functionalities to businesses of all sizes, catering to diverse user needs. However, they often fall short in providing the detailed monitoring and management that many enterprises demand.

That’s where our managed Public Cloud service comes into play. We ensure your business benefits from exemplary service levels and significantly amplified security.

Private Cloud Services

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses need the ability to access their applications, data, and content anytime, anywhere, and from various devices. Moreover, it's crucial to safeguard this data without incurring exorbitant costs.

Our private cloud solution delivers just that. It encompasses all the advantages of desktop virtualization without the necessity to purchase, establish, and manage your own infrastructure. 

We provide a cutting-edge, internet-based desktop experience via our virtual private cloud service, ensuring robust security and affordability.

Customizable Virtual Desktop Services

Leveraging proven network and cloud structures, we can develop scalable solutions and migration strategies precisely aligned with your specific requirements. If a secure, low-maintenance alternative to buying, managing, and protecting desktop software and equipment is what you seek, our experts are at your disposal.

Here's what you can anticipate with our private cloud services: 

  • Staff can engage in remote collaboration via their mobiles and tablets.
  • A secure, scalable, and user-friendly virtual desktop solution.
  • Enhanced flexibility and productivity across the business.
  • Increased bandwidth to concentrate on your core business, leaving the technological aspects to us.

Questions about the Cloud? Our experts can help.

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