vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)

The landscape of information security changes every day and it is nearly impossible to keep up to properly protect your organization without someone with the expertise and experience of having done this for years.  Most small and medium size organizations do not have the financial resources to hire a full time CISO and that is where a vCISO can save the day.

A vCISO will be able to right size cyber security for your organization to ensure that you are protected from the threats most common to cause interruption to your organization.  In addition to being there when you have questions, a vCISO will perform several activities proactively to help your organization stay secure.  Some of the services include:

— Annual Security Assessment
— Security Policy Development
— Security Questionnaire review
— Cyber Liability Insurance application and Policy review
— Security Recommendations that are sized appropriately for your organization

If you do not have a full time CISO on staff, a vCISO could be the answer to helping your organization stay secure and protect your data and assets from cyber breach.


Does your organization have all the proper technology and cyber security policies in place to protect your organization?  If you do have a written policy, has it been properly implemented and enforced?  If you can not be 100% sure of the answer to these questions, you might consider having an expert give you some help.

We help organizations understand what policies they need to have in place and how to properly implement them to protect their operation.  Some of the policies we help develop are:

— Access Control Policy
— Asset Management Policy
— Removable Media Policy
— Acceptable Use Policy
— Anti-Virus Guidelines
— Clean Desk Policy
— Disaster Recovery Plan Policy
— Password Protection Policy
— Remote Access Policy
— Removable Media Policy
— Software Installation Policy
— Technology Equipment Disposal Policy
— Employee Internet Use and Monitoring Policy
— Social Engineering & Awareness Policy
— Password Construction Guidelines

Which policies are right for your organization?  Let one of our experts discuss this with you to determine what you need to properly protect your operation.




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