In a world where cyber terrorists are constantly looking for new ways to breach your network, the security of the software running on your infrastructure is only as good as the latest updates by their manufacturers. As such, we will stay abreast of the latest security patches for your equipment and deploy those patches to your network in a seamless manner to avoid disruption to your business. We will act as your behind-the-scenes security guards, watching the back door to make sure it is always locked, and keeping potential cyber threats at bay.

Great infrastructure projects start with clear goals, followed by planning, resource management and execution. We will ensure your IT support projects come in on time, within budget and meet your technical objectives. We design solutions in alignment with your business goals while leveraging the latest advancements in information technology.

Infrastructure Services

Gap remediation

Server Upgrades

Infrastructure Refresh

Hardware Installation

Project Management

Need a second pair of eyes to review your network?

Our professional IT service teams handle a variety of projects, including:

Server Upgrades

Outdated server technology not only increases your vulnerability to cyber threats but can also hinder your organization’s growth and efficiency. Evaluating your current setup and understanding how to effectively consolidate, virtualize, and distribute your workloads can bring significant benefits.

Firewall Installations

Upgrading your firewall goes beyond incorporating the latest security features. Outdated firewalls may limit your full internet bandwidth utilization, leaving valuable resources untapped.

Switch Updates

As the traffic controllers of your network, switches are often unsung heroes of your IT operation. However, they are vital. Updating to managed switches in your network allows you to maximize data transfer speeds. Moreover, proper network segmentation with a managed switch can protect against widespread cyber attacks.


Network Cabling Solutions

The network cabling hidden in your walls forms the critical transit system for your data. Whether you’re expanding, moving premises, or simply aiming to optimize your data throughput, updated network cabling can be the key.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

With an increasing percentage of staff relying on laptops and mobile devices, efficient wireless access is crucial. The latest wireless technology can boost your organization’s productivity and fortify your defenses against cyber threats.

Email Migrations

In-house email servers can invite cyber attacks and add unnecessary overheads, particularly for remote workers. Migrating your email to a cloud service like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace can be an effective solution.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

Local storage on individual servers can limit your ability to distribute resources as your organization grows. A SAN solves this issue by centralizing storage and making it easier to allocate additional resources to servers as needed.


Identify gaps in your network infrastructure.


Prioritize the gaps between network segmentation and patches needed.


Implement a remediation plan to mitigate your gaps.

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