vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

Is your organization prepared for the future as it relates to Information Technology?  Do you have someone who is looking at your organizational needs and determining how technology could help you move the business forward faster and more efficiently?  If not, you may want to consider hiring a vCIO.

vCIO experts work with your senior team to understand where you organization is and where it is going to help you best leverage technology along the way.  In addition to being there for you when you have questions they will perform a variety of services that will help you better plan for future technology needs and reduce surprises along the way.

Some of the services include:

      • Annual Technology Budgeting
      • Annual Business Review (for SecureInfrastructure clients)
      • Technology Policy Development
      • New Business IT Solution Research
      • Technology Roadmap Consulting
      • Best Practices for your Industry

If you do not have someone with this cross between business and technology expertise on staff, a vCIO could be the answer to helping your organization better leverage technology to achieve your goals.


IT Budgeting

At Kyber Security, we’re more than just a security service—we’re your partners, understanding the heartbeat of your business and your aspirations. We want to dive into your operations, comprehend your goals, and ensure that technology isn’t a burden, but a powerful ally that propels your business towards success.

Our team is not just a group of experts, but a bunch of enthusiasts passionate about turning your dreams into reality. We don’t just sit across a table from you; we sit beside you, keen to listen, learn, and co-create. Our solutions aren’t pre-packaged—they’re carefully crafted plans, personalized to your business goals and budget.

So, what can you expect from us when it comes to IT budgeting?

— It’s not just about the numbers. We believe in crafting IT budgets that echo your business objectives, preparing you not just for today but for the future as well.

— We don’t leave you in the lurch once a budget is set. We’re there beside you, tracking progress, keeping an eye on industry advancements, and making necessary adjustments so your IT strategy stays in step with your business growth.

Choose Kyber Security for more than just security. Embrace us as your partner to navigate the complex world of IT budgeting, helping to pave the way for a secure and successful future for your business.

    Technology Roadmap Consulting

    Technology isn’t just an accessory to your business—it’s the engine that drives your success. But understanding which  tools to use and how to deploy them effectively can be difficult without guidance. That’s where Kyber Security steps in: you define the target, we design the roadmap to get you there.

    Leveraging our deep expertise in IT Consulting and Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) services, we act as a dynamic extension of your business. We’re committed to helping you craft and roll out a technology roadmap that clearly illustrates your company’s objectives and plots the path to reach them.

    With our technology roadmap consulting services, you can expect:

    — A comprehensive technology roadmap that aligns with your business goals
    — A tangible uplift in productivity and efficiency, fueling your progress
    — Consultants who blend tech know-how with business savvy


    Questions about IT Strategy or Planning? Our experts can help.

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