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Post Cyber Incidents Phishing Scams Arise

In the month of July, The Identify Theft Resource Center identified 110 data breaches. Of which, over 106 million records were exposed across the financial, business, education, government, and health care sectors. Whether you were affected by these breaches or not, you are still susceptible to phishing scams targeting post breach victims. Capital One Breach […]

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Your Personal Information is Exposed… Again

We see headlines such as “Capital One Suffers Data Breach Affecting Over 100 Million Across America” all the time. Sadly, the more we see headlines like these, the more desensitized we are to them. We see our personal information exposed such as names, email addresses, and even social security numbers as a normal everyday occurrence. […]

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The Top 3 Impacts of a Data Breach

We often talk about the hard costs of lost data as a result of ransom amounts, use of resources, legal fees, and regulatory fines, but these are only the short term costs. In the long term, the soft costs are more troubling. These costs include customer loss, tarnished brand reputation, and productivity loss. While soft […]

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When is the Last Time you had a Network Security Study?

We often hear from small business owners that they had either never heard of a network security study or they haven’t had one recently. If you can relate, you should keep on reading. A network security study is a helpful guide that will give you valuable insight into your environment and remediation plans for potential […]

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SMBs Despair from Large Scale Data Breaches

We hear from many small organizations that believe they are too small to be affected by cybercriminals and data breaches.  The unfortunate reality is that over 60% of cyber-attacks are against small organizations directly, and even the massive breaches that you hear about in the news can have devastating effects on SMBs even if they […]

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure

An organization’s IT infrastructure has become a vital part of all operations and affects nearly every aspect of the business.  As such, it is critical to keep all of your systems up to date with the latest security patches. Every piece of technology that touches your network including; desktops, laptops, phones, servers, switches, etc. should […]

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What can your Company Learn from the Timehop Cyber Incident?

This past weekend, the Timehop app announced a large network intrusion that affected over 21 million users. The app compiles information from all forms of social media and creates a “look back in time” for the user. The data that was breached included names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Luckily, no private messages, financial data, […]

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So, You’re Suffering from a Data Breach?

Guest blog by: Andrew Davidson at AmVenture A data breach can be crippling for a small business. According to statistics provided by Small Business trends, a whopping 60% of small companies shut their doors within six months of a cyber attack, and yet only 14% of small business owners are highly confident in their ability to protect […]

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Is cyber liability insurance necessary for my business?

The latest statistics show that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses and 60% of those organizations attacked go out of business within 6 months of the attack. With the growing number of cyber attacks every day, the general thinking is not if you will will get breached, but when and how bad will it […]

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Using company culture play a role in defending and recovering from cyber attacks

Defense in depth using multiple layers of security technology is critical in protecting your organization from cyber attacks.  That’s a given.  However many CEOs and business owners still have trouble understanding how company culture can play just as big a role in your cyber survival.  The common belief in most organizations is that they will […]

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