As the year comes to an end, there most likely are endless amounts of projects you want to complete before the clock strikes midnight on December 31 and 2020 turns to 2021. How will you prioritize what to do?

At Kyber Security, [we might be a tad bit biased but] we think it’s the best time to evaluate your business approach to IT and cybersecurity. You should be asking your team questions like, “Does our IT program need to be enhanced?” “Are we comfortable with the level of cyber risk our program currently exposes?”

We created the 12 Days of Cybersecurity to help you prioritize your strategy and hopefully make your decisions less stressful. Creating an effective cybersecurity program has three constraints; quality, budget, and resources. Our 12 Days of Cybersecurity will help you address these three constraints.

During these 12 days, we will provide special offerings highlighting the important aspects of cybersecurity and providing solutions for maximizing your defenses. Utilize this information to bring a cohesive program together while working around your own constraints. Your cybersecurity program acts to protect your greatest asset; your data.


On the first day of Cybersecurity, Kyber Security gave to me

a Why Hackers Hack Downloadable Guide. Before diving into any cybersecurity project, it’s important to know why you are investing in protection, what you should be protecting, and who you are trying to keep out. Why Hackers Hack will guide you through these questions.