The prevalence of cyber-attacks has only increased in the last few years. As technology continues to advance, malicious actors are already figuring out how to hack their way around these new advancements. Today, organizations are doing whatever they can to ensure their cyber-security posture, though common misconceptions have led others to make improper judgements regarding security, and the risk of data breaches.

In this blog, we’ve covered four common misconceptions about data breaches, and the reality behind them.

Misconception #1: Hackers Only Target Major Companies

Reality: Organizations of all sizes can be the target of a data breach. The reason this is a common misconception is because we often see major corporations making headlines about data breaches, as they are more reputable. However, small businesses are just as likely to experience a data breach. It may not seem likely, but if your company has any online presence and collects data from customers in any way, you could be vulnerable to a data breach.

Misconception #2: Cybersecurity is the IT Department’s Responsibility

Reality: Unfortunately, human error is the main cause of most cyber security breaches. It’s often employees who are accidentally making the company vulnerable to an attack or data breach, not the IT department. When employees aren’t able to recognize a phishing email and end up clicking infected links or open bad attachments, this can open the door to malware. These situations transpire when there is a lack of security awareness training and resources.

Relying on your IT department alone isn’t enough to fight off hackers, companies need to implement security training in the workplace to teach employees cyber hygiene and best practices to best avoid data breaches.

Misconception #3: Data Breaches Only Cause Financial Damage

Reality: Financial loss, organizational downtime, reputational damage and legal action are all costly consequences that can occur from a data breach. For more detail about this misconception, read our previous blog on the consequences of a data breach.

Misconception #4: Companies can be Completely Cyber Secure

Reality: As we mentioned earlier, malicious actors are only becoming more advanced, therefore it’s almost impossible to be completely in the clear when it comes to data breaches. In today’s technological landscape, organizations need to implement continual threat education and security awareness training on all levels to best avoid falling victim to hackers.

It’s important to note that while these realities of the misconceptions we’ve laid out seem intense and scary, they can be prevented.

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