October is cybersecurity awareness month. It’s a month dedicated to educating yourself and your employees on best practices, compliance updates, and tactics to enhance your current cybersecurity program. Each week, we will provide powerful insight into the world of cybersecurity in an effort to guide you towards an effective cybersecurity posture for your organization.

Your involvement is key on this journey. Along the way you may find yourself running into constraints affecting your ability to find the right methods to implement. The first step you should take is to address these constraints and adjust your approach accordingly. You may have heard of the “unattainable triangle” concept. The triangle concept outlines three different constraints and shows that changes in one constraint necessitate changes in others or the overall outcome will suffer. Creating an effective cybersecurity program has three constraints; quality, budget, and resources. With these constraints, there’s a variety of choices you can take.

– You can adapt a program that is of high quality and low cost but it will take many internal resources.
– You can adapt a program that is of low internal resources and high quality but will be costly.
– You can adapt a program that is of low cost and low internal resources but it will have low quality.

It is important to find a balance between people, processes, and technology to create a cybersecurity program that coincides with your business culture while working within your company’s constraints. The question you must resolve is ‘how much cybersecurity risk are you willing to endure?’. Would you rather dedicate a larger budget to minimize cybersecurity risk and save internal resources? Or would you rather utilize as many internal resources as possible to maintain low costs and lower cyber risks? These are important questions to analyze this month while establishing a plan to better your program.

Over the course of cybersecurity month, we will provide you with guidance to answer these questions and assist in finding ways to adapt your cybersecurity program within your business constraints. The topics we will discuss include remote office best practices, integral cybersecurity employee roles, employee cyber awareness, and updates in General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP). Stay connected with us to learn more about how you can work within your constraints and and still employ an effective cybersecurity program. Click the button below to follow us this month!