We all put trust into our cloud service providers such as Microsoft and Google because they are big companies and the “experts”.  Why wouldn’t we? But did you know they are not liable for protecting your user data? Have you read the fine print?

Cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, are “not responsible for your content or the materials others upload, store, or share using our services.”  Ultimately, that responsibility lies with you, the user.  Because of this Backing up your cloud-based email is a wise decision for several reasons:

  1. Data Loss Prevention: While cloud-based email services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, or others, are generally reliable, there’s always a small risk of data loss due to technical failures, human error, or security breaches. Having backups ensures you can recover your emails in case of such incidents.
  2. Retention Compliance: Depending on your industry or regulatory requirements, you may need to retain certain emails for a specified period. Backing up your emails can help you comply with these regulations.
  3. Account Security: If your email account is compromised or hacked, having backups ensures that you still have access to your important messages even if the attacker deletes them from your account.
  4. Access to Historical Data: Sometimes you might need to access older emails that are no longer available in your primary inbox. Having backups allows you to access historical data easily.

While this is a big responsibility, it doesn’t have to be a big deal.  There are services that will backup your email several times per day for only a few dollars per mailbox per month. These services maintain reliable backups of your data with varying levels of retention based upon your specific needs.  Additionally, they will often backup ALL of the information in your account including file storage and data for applications such as SharePoint and Teams.

Overall, backing up your cloud-based email is essential for safeguarding your important data and ensuring uninterrupted access to your emails and other cloud stored data.