Anthony has been with Kyber Security for three years as a Security Engineer. Every day, his favorite aspect of working at Kyber is seeing the enthusiasm of team members. According to Anthony, the most unique aspect of working at Kyber Security is that everyone comes to work every day eager to work. His greatest accomplishment on the team is consistently having the highest client satisfaction survey scores. Anthony admits that his most memorable career lesson thus far has been the importance of controlling the stimulus levels in his immediate surroundings, made possible by Kyber’s willingness to work with and find the best ways to exploit the talents that come with neurodiversity.

Anthony takes client issues so seriously because he has a personal connection to cybersecurity. “I know what it’s like to have my own livelihood soar or crash based on client satisfaction,” he says as a former owner of a computer repair shop. Anthony’s professional development has been aided by his mastery of cloud environments during his time with Kyber. Since opening his repair shop, he’s found joy in witnessing the evolution of technology and learning the ropes along the way.

Anthony’s Thoughts on Kyber Security’s Culture

Two of his biggest team inspirations are his manager, who has many years of engineering experience, and his coworker Jeremy, who has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to teach him new things, Anthony embodies the Kyber Security culture, seeking inspiration from the next generation of brilliant cyber security experts. Anthony recalls seeing his colleague’s teenager come into the office one afternoon to build a robot for a school project and thinking, “Yeah, I like it; you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. Geek Paradise is right here.”

Fun Facts about Anthony

Anthony would be an archeologist exploring ancient ruins if he wasn’t working for Kyber. Many people are unaware that Anthony was once a Hindu Monk who lived in an ashram while studying to become a certified Yoga instructor, then pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience before changing tracks to Cybersecurity. Anthony’s dream superpower would be the ability to communicate with animals. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys hacking various everyday items; right now, he’s working on loading open source Android apps into his Smart TV.