Bob started at CONNECT Computer / Kyber in 2004 as part of a company acquisition. He brought clients and talented staff with him to join in the success. Bob’s journey through the company has seen him transition from a sales person to a sales engineer and solution architect. Now he proudly works as a vCIO & vCISO for Kyber’s clients, helping them with technology planning, budgeting, and improving security.

Bob has worked with hundred companies of all sizes and varied industries. He’s learned, “People buy what they want, not necessarily what they need.  It really helps to LISTEN and understand a client’s motivation(s) and guide them to a solution that meets their goals.”

Thoughts on Company Culture

Bob loves the energy and enthusiasm that the staff exude on a daily basis, “Everyone is interested in how things are going for each other, not just at work but at home as well.”

Bob has taken inspiration from Cindy, Kyber Security’s Controller. He admires that she’s passionate about what she does and making sure that accuracy is priority one drives Bob to want to do the best job that he can do.

Bob’s proud of Kyber Security’s participation-oriented company culture. Whenever there is an occasion to get together, the entire staff participates. Whether it is a company function or social event, everyone wants to be involved in what’s happening!

Fun Facts About Bob

When Bob isn’t working, he enjoys spending his time on the slopes as an avid skier (now a snowboarder). His winter months are spent with family and friends, including the ones he works with on ski patrol at Mohawk Mountain.

Bob is incredibly passionate about collector cars (mostly muscle cars from the 1960’s & early ‘70’s).  He can watch the Mecum car auctions on TV (or would love to do it in person) for hours!

If he could have any superpower, he would gain the ability to time travel! Although, is that really a superpower?