For the past ten years, Jeremy has been devoted to delivering and managing secure networks as one of Kyber’s Senior Security Engineers. When Jeremy first started at Kyber ten years ago, he was already experienced in building networks so it was a fun transition for him to be now securing those same networks. Since working at Kyber, Jeremy has been exposed to multiple technologies and solutions, giving him wide breadth of experience in the IT landscape. Jeremy has a broad understanding of IT and enough experience to generate the right solutions for our clients, something he doesn’t take for granted. From all the lessons and experiences Jeremy has encountered at Kyber, he considers being present minded in every situation to be the biggest lesson he has learned, and plans to carry this lesson onward in his personal and professional life, no matter what is thrown his way.

Accomplishments & Thoughts on Company Culture

Since starting at Kyber Security, Jeremy considers his biggest accomplishment to be his strong upward influence on Kyber’s largest account as well as his dedication to consistently raise security standards. He attributes part of his success to his teammates Kyle Nestor and Frank Taylor, his biggest inspirations from the team.

Jeremy is most appreciative of the Kyber culture, highlighting how everyone is focused on collaboration rather than competition. “Every issue that is presented to the team is approached as an opportunity to either learn or teach”, something Jeremy finds unique to Kyber Security.

Fun Facts about Jeremy

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys working on his cars, hanging out with his kids, and biking with his family. If he weren’t already working in cybersecurity, he would want to be a salesman in some capacity. A fun fact about Jeremy is that his wife shares the same interest in IT, given her previous working experience at Datto. If Jeremy could have any superpower, he would want the ability to heal things.