Susan started at Kyber 4+ years ago. She previously worked at Connect Partners as a Sales Executive before returning for the Client Success Leader role.

Susan takes pride in the consistent interactions with client partners and her guidance with their secure IT requirements. During her time at Kyber Security she’s learned “to listen more than you speak.”

Thoughts on Company Culture

Susan thinks of Kyber as her second family. Her experience with the culture fits her personality to a T. Specifically – being passionate about helping our clients, providing WOW service and relentless pursuit of excellence. The company culture at Kyber has helped to change Susan, “I talk less – LOL, and listen more both internally and externally. My technical knowledge has also improved greatly.”

Susan appreciates the Kyber “family” and the consistent focus on core values:

“Bob inspires me on a daily basis with his technical expertise and near eidetic memory.  Myriam with her ability to manage several roles within service delivery all while ensuring a positive client experience.  Michael for helping me to think outside of the box and consistently striving for excellence.”

Fun Facts About Susan 

In an alternate universe, if Susan wasn’t working at Kyber Security she would be a travel correspondent.

When Susan isn’t working she enjoys traveling, one of her biggest passions. She’s also an avid Gardner, book worm , and foodie so she enjoys trying new restaurants as well as spending quality time with friends and family.

To nobody’s surprise, Susan was a professional model in the 80’s!

If she could have any superpower, she would choose the ability to transport herself (beam me up Scotty!) to anywhere at any time. That way, she could get a lot more traveling in!