Entering 2023, all organizations should have a data backup and recovery plan for their most critical business data.

Data is an essential aspect of running a modern business, regardless of the size. There are three things you should consider if you don’t yet have a definitive plan to keep your data safe: all humans make errors, all computer systems can crash, and disasters happen when you’re least prepared.

So, Why are Data Backups So Important?

We’re All Fallible

While we may wish that our employees were perfect, they’re only human, which means that they’ll make mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s easy for someone to click on a link and download malicious software, designed to disrupt and harm businesses. Or, perhaps, an employee could move or delete files inadvertently.

Data backup solutions offer the opportunity to ensure that mistakes can be corrected.

Data Breaches Will Cost You Clients

83% of consumers in the US claim they will stop spending at a business for several months immediately after a security breach. 21% will never return to that business.“ (Source).

Losing customer data is every business owner’s nightmare. When customers hand over their personal data, they expect that their private information will be safeguarded. When you’re compromised, information like credit card numbers, personal information, and sensitive data are exposed— customers may find it difficult to trust you and many will go elsewhere.

When you can guarantee your customers that you have a solid data backup and recovery plan, you stand above businesses that can’t say the same.

Hybrid Work Has Changed the Game

The pandemic has changed the business landscape. Instead of working within a confined network, it’s likely that some employees are now working from home at least part-time. Not only do they need access to your business data, the data must also be protected and secure.

Unfortunately, each location becomes an access point that is vulnerable to attack. Yet, if your employees don’t have what they need, your business stops being productive. Online backup services allow access to company data whenever and wherever it’s needed. If a disaster strikes, workers can stay productive at home.

Downtime Costs More Than Data Backup and Recovery

“The average downtime across industries costs a company $5,600 per minute” (Source).

Whether it’s planned maintenance or a surprise outage, not being able to access your systems during working hours leaves projects unfinished, contracts unsigned, and business owners understandably frustrated.  Modern data recovery and backup services are more affordable than ever before. For a fraction of the cost of a data loss event, you can back up your data and have it when you need it

Data Backup Tips for Businesses:

Regardless of the high-tech nature of today’s business security landscape, business data backup is not complicated. There are many backup solutions to choose from, many of which are tailored to a specific industry niche. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for backup solutions:

  • Simplicity: Your backup solution should be easy to set up and use for the lesser technically inclined folks on your team. The fewer steps it takes to recover your data, the better.
  • Capacity: How much data do you need to backup? Consider future growth as well.
  • Flexibility: You should be able to configure your backups to run at intervals that make sense with your business model. For instance, a high-volume e-commerce store needs continuous backups, while a consulting firm may not need that level of frequency.
  • Redundancy: Best practices suggest that you make three copies of your data on two different media, with one stored off-site (or in the cloud).
  • Disaster Recovery: If your backup provider’s servers are destroyed in a fire, flood, or for any other reason, how will you access your backups? Be sure you know what your backup vendor’s disaster recovery plan (DRP) entails.

Stay Secure with Kyber Security

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