The technology you rely on is crucial to your business’s success. Without the right equipment, you run the risk of costly downtime and lost data. On a regular, preplanned cycle, you’ll need to replace your IT equipment to keep up with your business’s technology demands. Equipment is not designed to last forever and even if it continues to operate, it will degrade from a performance standpoint over time; by the end of this article you’ll know exactly when to upgrade your IT equipment and what to do when that time comes.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Equipment

Repair Costs Are Adding Up

Just as with a car, it’s normal to make routine repairs from time to time, but if you’re noticing these expenses adding up, then it is time for a more cost-efficient option. The need for costly repairs should alert you that it’s time to replace your network’s infrastructure and/or computers.

Poor Efficiency

Even with regular maintenance to your network’s infrastructure, your system will eventually begin to slow down at some point. A slowdown in your IT equipment means a slowdown in overall productivity for your organization. If you’re noticing a decrease in productivity from employees who are regularly more productive, it could be a sign that your network’s infrastructure or their computer is slowing down and needs to be replaced.

Business Changes

A growing business means your IT equipment will have an increased workload requiring  a faster pace than usual. It might be time to replace your equipment if you find that your business’s growth is outpacing your network’s ability to digest workloads. If your business is undergoing a change, your equipment needs to match that.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Is your equipment outdated?

With outdated IT equipment, you’re more likely to experience performance issues due to the age of your current operating systems and hardware. Outdated IT equipment can be more difficult to diagnose for IT personnel since support may be difficult to get from the manufacturer. Additionally,  available replacement components for outdated equipment can be limited, making it harder to solve any hardware issues that arise.

Are you running out of space for new data?

If you find your system is running out of space for new data, this could limit your ability to update your systems which puts your network infrastructure at risk. If you can’t update your software due to a lack of available storage, then it’s definitely time to replace your IT equipment.

Are you prepared for hardware failure?

Experiencing hardware failure is one of the main drivers of business downtime. If your IT equipment is experiencing hardware failures then it may be time to replace it. Your business relies on your technology working properly, if something were to fail, productivity could grind to a halt. Downtime makes it difficult to meet deadlines and client demands.

What to Do When It’s Time to Replace Your IT Equipment

By this point, you know when to replace your IT equipment, but do you know where to turn to for help if you don’t have internal IT resources? Many SMBs rely on an external IT provider to replace IT equipment and assist them during implementation. With an external IT provider, you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources that can help leverage your business technology to improve your organization’s efficiency..

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