On average, the recovery from a cyberattack on a healthcare organization costs $1.4 million.  Healthcare organizations must follow HIPAA, but you may find these policies are not adequate for today’s heightened risk of cyberattacks.  Is HIPAA compliance enough?  Here’s everything you need to know about HIPAA and cybersecurity.

What are Some of the Requirements for HIPAA?

What exactly are some of the requirements for HIPAA? Here’s some you are probably aware of:

  • Strong passwords:

A strong password is your first line of defense when protecting special data.  A cyberattack is less likely to succeed when you have multiple authentication factors attached to your passwords.

  • Encryption:

Unencrypted data is highly vulnerable to a breach.  All communication channels should have full end-to-end encryption enabled.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan:

A disaster recovery plan (DR Plan) helps your organization recover lost or stolen data and other important information in times of a cyberattack.

Why HIPAA Compliance is Not Enough

Evolution in cyberattacks have prompted healthcare organizations to be on top of their security game. HIPAA is not enough to keep your organization safe.  Healthcare is now saturated with big data analytics, making the industry more susceptible to cyberattacks.  Healthcare organizations are a prime target for attacks since they use big data.  New healthcare devices pose a greater risk since they are usually hooked up to Wi-Fi.  Many organizations are using the cloud to store their data, making it necessary to constantly monitor networks for suspicious activity.  HIPAA compliance is no longer enough to keep your organization safe, you must take the extra step to provide excellent security for your network that can detect potential threats and block them.

Focus on More Than Just HIPAA

Don’t limit your security to only be compliant with HIPAA, expand into new security technologies to maximize the protection at your healthcare organization. Instead, your organization can try:

  • Assigning a compliance manager
  • Better Asset Management
  • Physical security
  • Information security incident management
  • Controlling and limiting access
  • Risk management
  • Enforcing a security policy
  • Creating a framework for managing information security

Focusing on just HIPAA violations limits your organization and heightens your security risk.  Keep in mind the other various channels of where information flows to ensure better security.

Why Do Organizations Subject to HIPAA Need More Cybersecurity?

Although HIPAA covers various security measures, it does not harness the technology of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity should be used in combination with HIPAA compliance. Here’s why::

  • Early Detection of Threats:

In any organization, you want to know about potential threats to your network as early as possible.  The earlier you detect a threat, the more time you have to block it from your network and save yourself from a cyberattack.  Cybersecurity gives you access to the technology you need to block all threats detected in your network instantly.

  • Strong Confidentiality of Health Data:

As healthcare systems become more complex, organizations need better measures to keep their data safe.  Customers want to be reassured that their data is safe with their current healthcare provider.  Cybersecurity enforces your safety wall against hackers.  Don’t regret not having a cybersecurity system in place when you experience a threat.  Keep your organization one step ahead of hackers by implementing cybersecurity software.  Your customers want to know that their data cannot be retrieved by hackers.

  • Telemedicine Continues to Advance:

Telemedicine has become increasingly popular since the pandemic with many professionals continuing to use the service.  Telemedicine is a great tool for healthcare organizations, but it also opens your network up to more cyber threats.  As the need for telemedicine increases, so will the demand for  cybersecurity in Healthcare organizations.

Stay Secure with Kyber Security

As the cyber threat landscape constantly evolves, your security measures should be one step ahead.  Kyber Security has dedicated professionals experienced in protecting your organization from ever increasing cyber threats.  We will work tirelessly to keep your company protected from cyber-attacks.

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