The Department of Homeland Security is running from Kaspersky, should you too?

This week was a bad week for Kasperky Labs, maker of one of the more popular traditional antivirus products for desktops and other computer endpoints. As close ties to the Russian intelligence community were discovered about Kasperky, The United States Government as well as big box retailer Best Buy banned their products from use or sale. It is not unlikely that other retailers will follow Best Buy’s lead.

So do you have anything to be concerned about? Yes. While it is unlikely that the Russians are trying to hack into your business network, it is certainly possible. And if you are running Kaspersky anti-virus, it is unclear whether or not you have left the door wide open for them. More importantly though, traditional anti-virus is going the way of the dodo bird. By design it is reactive and unintelligent so by the time it finds a problem, you may have already been compromised.

For our clients, we recommend a next generation endpoint solution such as Cylance. These types of solutions look for behavior patterns of software and use learning technology in attempt to stay ahead of would be hackers. By doing this, you can thwart many more hacking attempts before they do any damage at all.

Contact one of our Cyber Security Solutions Executive for more information about how we can help you move your network away from the possible dangers of Kaspersky antivirus.