A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is essentially an outsourced company that manages – remotely in most cases – an organization’s IT infrastructure and systems. The services MSPs provide can vary, and are typically provided through a subscription model. If you found this blog, it’s likely you’re considering hiring an MSP for the various benefits they can provide. But before you do so, there are some important questions you should discuss with your potential MSP to make sure they are a good fit for your organization.

What Experience Do They Have in Your Industry?

It’s best to work with an MSP that is familiar with your industry and has the necessary knowledge to meet your company’s specific needs. Additionally, you can look for references or client reviews to understand how they’ve worked with other organizations and their record of success. See if they have any case studies that demonstrate their value as well.

What does their cyber incident response plan look like?

A reliable MSP should have policies and procedures in place that allow them to quickly respond to cyber breaches and remedy them. They should be able to confidently explain their response plan and how their knowledge and expertise will proactively protect you from cyber-attacks.

How do they monitor and re-evaluate solutions to optimize costs?

To ensure your organization doesn’t end up overspending on technology support, you should understand how they will monitor and re-evaluate your technology if necessary. MSPs that offer quarterly reviews will work with you to ensure you’re not paying for services you don’t need and your technology is updated.

Which compliance frameworks do they support?

Compliance frameworks is another important question to ask your MSP. There are several industry standards, specifications, legislations and regulations that should be discussed. The importance of compliance varies depending on your industry, as well as the verticals you cater to, so it’s important to double check your MSP has the expertise in meeting compliance requirements.

How will their assistance create a business partnership for collaboration?

Choosing an MSP isn’t just an investment for your organization, it’s a business partnership that can affect the long-term growth and success of your company. Majority of your organization will be using the MSPs services on a daily basis, so it’s important there is a collective understanding of the collaboration. Ask for specific examples of how they will encourage a long-term partnership with your company, and how they will best optimize their services to promote success.

What’s the difference between an MSP and a MSSP?

In search for a reputable provider, you’ve likely seen MSPs, as well as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). So how do you know which one is right for your organization? The main distinction between the two is that while an MSP focuses on functionality and performance, an MSSP focuses on those things with security top of mind. Small and medium size businesses don’t often consider themselves at risk of a security breach, when in fact, they take up 60% of all cyber-attacks that occur today. An MSSP will help you understand your business from a secure, technical standpoint, so you still reap the benefits of traditional MSP functions, but with a higher level of protection.

Final Thoughts

Before jumping on board with any MSP or MSSP, it’s crucial your organization knows what services you require and how much you’re willing to invest. For example, a lower cost or flexible payment plan may seem like a great thing. But does this mean that services are limited or that corners are being cut? Doing your research is important to finding a reputable provider that is committed to adopting the latest technology and security standards to provide the most optimal services. Communication should be transparent, and an experienced provider should be able to explain exactly how they are able to meet your needs.

Managed Secure Support with Kyber Security

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