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Post Cyber Incidents Phishing Scams Arise

In the month of July, The Identify Theft Resource Center identified 110 data breaches. Of which, over 106 million records were exposed across the financial, business, education, government, and health care sectors. Whether you were affected by these breaches or not, you are still susceptible to phishing scams targeting post breach victims. Capital One Breach […]

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Microsoft office security

The Concerning Reality of Microsoft’s Email Security

Are you trusting Microsoft Office 365’s built in security? With data security compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR, DFARs and the risk of crippling consequences of subsequent breaches, you shouldn’t solely rely on these built in features. Within the past eight years, the use of email has grown exponentially, becoming the primary business collaboration tool. Organizations […]

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data leak

Data Leak Alert: Protect Your Organization

Are you one of the 885 million consumers affected by the First American Financial data leak? Last Friday, files stored on the First American Financial company’s website (, contained bank account numbers, bank statements, mortgage records, tax documents, wire transfer receipts Social Security numbers and photos of driver’s licenses. Information dated back to 2003 was […]

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Beware of Phishing Scams During Tax Season

During tax season, cyber criminals target taxpayers by the masses. Each year, many taxpayers are fooled into disclosing their personal information. Organizations also fall victim to these scams while accidentally disclosing the tax information of employees to scammers. The IRS Tax Season “Dirty Dozen” Each year, the IRS launches its “Dirty Dozen” campaign warning taxpayers […]

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Phishing Awareness Tips

Small businesses account for 58% of all breached victims and are especially susceptible to phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks. The only way to have a shot at preventing these attacks is to always have the risks at top of mind. If the risks are at the top of mind, you will be more […]

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Series: Endpoint Protection

Traditionally, endpoint protection was a priority for security against user error. The biggest concern companies had were having accidental data deleted, lost or stolen corporate devices, and other common employee mistakes. In this day and age, common user errors have become much more catastrophic with the rise of cyber attacks such as ransomware, malware, phishing, […]

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The Government Strengthens Small Business Cybersecurity

Within the past couple months, the government has taken big steps towards addressing cybersecurity in the small business sector. As of August 17, 2018, President Trump has signed the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act into law. The law is designed to help small businesses strengthen their cyber defenses utilizing guidance from the National Institute of […]

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Two-factor Authentication: What is it and Why do I Care?

Google just last week announced that since 2017, not one single employee out of its 85,000+ staff has had their account successfully phished and taken over by hackers.  When we live in an age where 80,000 people fall for phishing scams every single day and exposing their passwords, how is it possible that Google has […]

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Take your Cybersecurity Program to the Next Level

Many organizations design their cybersecurity program to conform to a compliance need but when a cyber breach occurs, those same organizations are left wishing they were better prepared. A to-do list without action is just a list. It will sit there taunting you until action is taken. But if you write a to-do list without […]

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What can I do to protect myself from being crypto-jacked?

Crypto-jacking is one of the latest fads in cyber crime.  As opposed to a cyber-criminal locking up your files and waiting for you to meet their ransom demands, they are simply stealing the CPU cycles of your computer to mine for crypto-currency around the world. Why would they do this? They do this because where […]

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