An organization’s IT infrastructure has become a vital part of all operations and affects nearly every aspect of the business.  As such, it is critical to keep all of your systems up to date with the latest security patches. Every piece of technology that touches your network including; desktops, laptops, phones, servers, switches, etc. should be updated and working on the latest software versions for the best and most secure results. In doing so, your company will save valuable time and money.

Now you’re thinking what every good business person thinks; will these upgrades yield a worthy return on the investment? The short answer is, yes.  Upgrading your IT infrastructure is a reliable way to work towards greater efficiency. With updated systems, your employees will be able to work faster, increasing efficiency and allowing more time to be spent on what they are paid to do. When productivity soars, so does your ROI.

Outdated and obsolete IT infrastructure adds an increased security risk which could result in compromised data. If your company is affected by a cyber-breach, it could cost a tremendous amount to mitigate and control the damage. According to the 2016 Ponemon Data Breach study, “on average, the total cost of a breach to a small business is $665,000”. Smaller organizations tend to be more susceptible to cyber breaches. If you are working with older machines, they will not always support the newest software versions. Patches will not be readily available and your data security is at a high risk making your company more vulnerable to attacks. The more up-to-date your equipment is, the lower the operational risk.

With increased reliability, productivity, and security your company can focus on growth. An upgraded and responsive IT infrastructure will ensure a variety of benefits that will help you meet the demands of your customers, avoid downtime and (most importantly) save money. A managed security service provider can evaluate your current systems and infrastructure, and determine the best approach for updates and upgrades that can keep your data safe.