Many organizations design their cybersecurity program to conform to a compliance need but when a cyber breach occurs, those same organizations are left wishing they were better prepared. A to-do list without action is just a list. It will sit there taunting you until action is taken. But if you write a to-do list without the intention of actually completing your tasks, then you’re just wasting your time.  Breached firms often had better cybersecurity on their to-do lists.  The best cybersecurity programs are taken to the action level.

You can take your cybersecurity program to the action level by implementing methods to identify, prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. To ensure the best method is implemented and maintained in your program, your organization should utilize a layered approach involving; people, processes, and technology. Aligning your organization’s security program with a known standard such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can provide helpful guidelines for creating an action plan.  You can take action by incorporating the following methods to address your cybersecurity program:


  • Security Assessment: Evaluate your security posture regularly
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan: Identify outstanding and persisting vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Test: Identify your network breach points and take corrective action


  • Next Generation Firewall: The latest protection to prevent unwanted users from accessing your network
  • Real Time Patching: Prevent exploitation caused by gaps in out-of-date software
  • Web Filtering: Limit the acceptable destinations for your network traffic
  • Multifactor Authentication: Protect your network from unwanted logins by verifying identities before granting access


  • Employee Awareness Training: Regular awareness training will teach your employees to detect cyber threats (such as phishing emails) and greatly aid in the prevention of a cyber breach
  • Network Security Protection: Detect and monitor suspicious behavior on your network
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Detect if your business credentials are on sale on the dark web and take appropriate actions


  • Incident Response Policy: A well-tested incident response policy will ensure that all breaches are addressed properly, and in a timely manner, mitigating current and preventing further damage


  • Data security: Ensure recovery from attacks (such as ransomware) in hours instead of days

With action and regularly tested procedures, your cybersecurity program will become part of your corporate culture. Cyber threats will continue to increase but these security actions will allow you, your employees, and your customers to gain piece of mind. An investment in cybersecurity is an investment in stability and long term growth.