The risk of having your personal information stolen is ever present, regardless of how carefully you guard your information. Without proper security measures, your intellectual property, reputation and brand are at risk.

This risk includes the dark web; the part of the internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines and is only accessible through the use of a special browser. This online subsection is invisible to most consumers, which means it can be tough to discover whether hackers have access to your personal information.statistic

Within the past year, the Identity Theft Resource Center tracked 1,244 data breaches, exposing a new record high of more than 446 million records. These exposed records can lead to identify theft, reputation damage, down time, large costs, and many unknowns.

A dark web scan is a quick and easy way to find out if you are one of those 446 million Americans with compromised data.

How does a dark web scan work?

Essentially, you provide a domain name (i.e. and we will assess the dark web to see if any credentials tied to this domain have been compromised.

If your data is found during one of these scans, we will help you take the next steps such as freezing accounts or changing passwords to prevent future or further damage.

Do dark web scans help?

This scan is not a solution but a simple means of detection. It’s like using a thermometer to take your temperature; the thermometer isn’t curing your fever, it is simply checking to see if you have one. This is only the first step. We don’t only want to alleviate symptoms, we want to make sure there isn’t a serious illness lurking beneath the surface. The end goal is to protect your data and your brand.

We can get you to that first step and achieve the end goal.